France, You Stole My Heart

I have dreamed of Paris all my life, but the first city and region I visited in France were Colmar in Alsace and of course Strasbourg. I got up one day, jumped into the car and drove to Strasbourg to take a walk and of course get a nice piece of a knuckle. They do this best there, amazingly delicious. If you are in this area you should not miss this.

Reims, in Champagne, stole my heart for the second time. Although I could not stay in the area long enough to explore every corner, France caught me then and there.
Paris came next, and of course, I fell in love with the city right away. We visited very small local restaurants in the city. These often only offer 3 different meals on the menu, but everything they serve is fresh and very authentic. Needless to say, I cannot resist French pastries at all. Who could say no to a fresh croissant, a quiche or a macaroon? I can’t. I think the key to their success is the butter. At least my pastry gets better when I use French butter. I dream of visiting Brittany and Normandy. I am fascinated by these regions and hopefully, next year we will get there.

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