Eat Sweden

I was 13 years old when I visited Sweden for the first time. Honestly, I don’t remember it very well, I was busy winning a sports tournament. I only faintly remember Göteborg from our trip.  I would now like to return to Sweden, as a grown-up, to revisit the places I have seen before to refresh my memories.

I read more and more about the Swedish, Nordic kitchen, and what I’ve tried so far, I liked very much. I researched the Nordic cuisine a couple of weeks ago for a big project and I was fascinated by it. Of course, they like fish and who does not know the famous Kötbullar, the Swedish meatball. (just think on Ikea) But there are many other excellent dishes. For example, did you know that yellow pea soup is very popular in Sweden? I have to admit, I had no idea. On the dessert menu, my darling has been the Kanelbullar aka cinnamon rolls (which I think are the best in Sweden) and Semlor, a traditional sweet bun filled with sticky marzipan. Honestly, it was hard to choose from all the recipes for this post, but in the end, as it’s Christmas time, I’ve chosen the one I always make for the holidays. Of course, my version of the recipes may differ slightly from the original, but they give you a hint of the wonderful Swedish cuisine.

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