Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Bake Cookies

The current situation at our house is the following: the kitchen is drowning in flour, sticky chocolate is dripping everywhere, the refrigerator is stuffed with eggs, butter, heavy cream, the ground is sprinkled all over with sugar and I’ve never been happier. I will not let myself worry about the amount of cleaning I have ahead of me, because it’s Christmas time after all, which means non stop baking in my tiny tiny kitchen.

Lately I’ve been busy wrapping up the year with my clients, running around to get the Christmas shopping done, then packing it all nicely and hiding them carefully from my daughter. It’s definitely the craziest time of the year, and baking cookies works sort of like a therapy, helps to clear my head. Everybody around me is profiting from my crazy baking addictions, because I love to give them away.

Cookies make the nicest little presents and surely everybody appreciates a sweet little gift. This year I got so tired of the Christmas spices, that I ditched them, and went for the still festive but more unique taste. Imagine oranges, pistachios, rose petals, candied gingers all nicely hidden inside of the delightful crunchy bites. I also thought on coffee lovers like me, and whipped up a highly addictive Cafe Latte cookie. Sounds delicious, right?

I will not lie, I’m getting a bit tired, and counting back the days until our trip to Hungary. I’m happy to see my family, and spend a little time with long not seen friends. It’s time for me to just lay back, relax and reboot and let my mother do most of the cooking, but until this is going to happen, I have still a lot to do here at home. To be able to survive the last round of Christmas rush, I cooked up an amazing ruby red cranberry-orange syrup (also as a present originally), and made a kick-ass wintery cocktail. So next time while your next batch of cookies are baking in the oven, take some time to treat yourself with a Cranberry Rum Cocktail! I’m sure you’ll all appreciate it! So Ladies and Gents, cheers to you all!

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