Easter Lunch

Easter is a great time to gather together friends and family and enjoy the very best food. You can make Easter lunch something special by serving a light, green vegetable soup, then amaze everyone with the smokey fisch pie, and what else could be a better finish to the lunch than a traditional, fruity Italian Easter cake.

Start the menu with a very fresh, airy soup, packed with all kind of greens. Estragon and lemon adds an extra flavor to it.

Fish typically belongs on the table at Easter,  so why not serve something special this year. A wonderful smokey and creamy fish stew served in parmesan crust is a wonderful and healthy Easter lunch.

Easter in Italy will not be without the lovely yummy cake in form of a dove, a Easter dove sign of peace. This time I baked it in a loaf pan, but it tastes just as fine.

I love it, that this year’s April Fools day is exactly on Easter. I can pull a sweet little prank on my daughter with these cute egg cakes. She will be waiting hard boild eggs for breakfast, instead she will get a chocolate cake hidden inside the eggshell.

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