Dessert and Butterflies

If you ask me what’s the easiest dessert to make, my answer is Panna Cotta. The Italians do everything great, just think about the pizza or the delicious spaghetti, so why wouldn’t they be excellent in making desserts.

This dessert here is pretty much based on the idea of Panna Cotta, uncomplicated and oh so delicious. The cream is made with white chocolate and of course cream, but I set it on a fruity raspberry jelly base for a change. I’ve got a load of delicate, crunchy and thin Butterfly biscuit from Kambly, and I knew they are going to fit nicely to the dessert. More specifically, they crown the mousse, and give a nice, more of a cake like look to it. This mousse cake is the perfect example, that a few simple ingredients and a nice presentation can result in a fancy looking, show stopping cake. Don’t you agree?

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