Delicious Treats From Puree And Pulp

As soon as I can get my hand on the beautiful fresh fruits at the market, I tend to overbuy. I can not resist the sweet strawberries, raspberries, apricots, watermelon and my favorite from all, the nectarines. I usually forget everything else on my shopping list and come home with a sack full of fresh fruits. When the weather is hot, my diet consists ca. 70% of fruit, because I cannot get anything else down until sunset. That means fruit for breakfast, at noon and also what better way to consume fruits than by drinking it. Fruit press becomes my very best pal in the summer.

I have a very handy, and small fruit press attachment from Kenwood. First, I love it, because it doesn’t need much space, and second, it is very efficient. It’s perfect for creating healthy juices and delicious puree fits perfectly in my lifestyle. It is, however, more suitable for softer fruits. Fruit juice can be used in many ways, from cocktails to mousse, syrups and also for jams. My daughter, for example, loves Gummibears. I’m personally cannot stand them. I never liked the consistency plus they contain way to much sugar. We had a few arguments about it already So everytime I use the fruit press, I also save some juice to make her fresh and healthier fruit gummies. That makes both her and me happy.

I can never bring myself to just throw out the remaining fruit pulp. They smell so delicious and sweet. They are just mashed fruits after all. The fruit pulp is great in batter, it adds a lot of flavor and moist to the cake. So next time you use your press, don’t forget to save a bit of the pulp for the evening dessert.

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