Delicious Thailand

I visited Thailand a very long time ago. It was love at first sight. I remember arriving after a very long and complicated flight in Bangkok, I was overwhelmed by the crowd. I only had the passport and my wallet with me because my luggage was being held back for inspection somewhere in Europe, and I only wanted to do three things. First, take a shower, second, buy new underwear and T-shirt and third, eat something. The good news is that in a huge city like Bangkok, you’ll done with clothes shopping in 15 minutes even in the middle of the night. I finally dressed in clean clothes, and I was so ready to take my first real Thai meal.

I usually avoid the tourist restaurants and I went to a very small place where it only had Thais. I thought you can not go wrong with locals eating there. The only problem I had was that nobody spoke English. I pointed to something on the menu and waited for the food. It was perfect! Fresh, crisp, full of vegetables, some rice and meat. I spent two weeks in Thailand, visiting a few places, tasting many different meals and never been disappointed. The reason why I like the Thai cuisine is that the meals are made entirely from fresh ingredients. The variety of sauces, spices, condiments, and herbs brings everything to life and gives the most unique flavor you can ever desire.

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