From Cucumber Salad to Potato Gratin

I have a new toy! Yes, I know, I already have all sorts of things at home, I am a “collector”. For this kitchen appliance,  I reserved a special place on the shelf. It’s beautiful and shiny, and it makes my life in the kitchen a lot easier. It grates, cuts thin and thick in extreme speed and also washes the dishes. Well, the last part is just wishful thinking, but everything else is true. There is always a lot of cutting in my tiny kitchen, from potatoes to cucumbers … and sometimes my finger, and this little device comes very handy. It cuts a huge amount of vegetables in a few seconds, you just have to keep up with the feeding.

I have prepared two of our fav family recipes, a delicious potato gratin, and a refreshing cucumber salad. Instead of regular butter, I like to add truffle butter to the potato gratin. It gives a very special taste to the creamy potato. It is so amazing, that I like to eat it right out of the baking pan at the kitchen counter.





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