Cooking with Kids

My daughter just loves cooking and baking. She likes to sneak into the kitchen and watch me prepare the meal. I totally understand her, I used to watch my grandmother doing the same. I love baking and creating tasty meals and I secretly wished that she will discover the same passion for cooking once.

Helping in cooking is not a must for her, it is not a work that has to be done, she rather sees it as a challenge. The young minds are so open for everything. When she was about 3 years old, she asked for her own apron and whisk. She helped stir the batter, and add the ingredients. Of course, cooking with her that time meant more cleaning than cooking, but the point is that it was fun for her. No not just for her. It was fun for both of us.

She started out small, picking fruits, dicing, measuring ingredients, but for the last year, she is very much into baking. She actually likes to experiment with ingredients, wants to prepare the meals herself. Mostly sweets of course. I’m still there with her, making sure that the kitchen doesn’t burst out in a fire, but I usually give her more or less free hand.  I’m amazed how well she is pairing flavors. Of course, there are times when her creation turns out inedible, but she also learns from her failures.


This time is also perfect for bonding. Cooking with her is always a unique experience. We learn more and more about each other, and she is also more willing to talk about her friends, sharing her thoughts and open up about her feelings. I wouldn’t exchange these moments for anything even though the kitchen is always a mess after her cooking sessions. Next on the list, that I should get her more involved in washing dishes. She ditches me every time when it comes to cleaning up. (I’m open to suggestions how to handle this)


What I like the most is our pizza parties, that happens usually once a month on a Friday. I like to prepare the pizza dough a day ahead to get a nice airy dough. Friday evening then everybody gets a piece of dough and can roll it and fill it with anything he/she likes. So we spend a great evening together, laughing, cooking, enjoying ourselves.  I highly encourage you to get your kids involved in cooking if you haven’t done it yet. These little chefs are more open to trying new meals, get familiar with flavors and ingredients, plus it’s always a great laugh involved.

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