Christmas Mood And Gluten Free Treats

I do love Christmas. This time of the year makes me awfully sentimental, a little sad. How does the time fly so fast? I had so many plans this year, and I didn’t even accomplish half of it yet.  Well, there is a new year coming, bringing new plans, new opportunities.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know by now, that there were some major changes in my way of cooking. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease beginning of Summer, so I had to readjust our lifestyle as well. Honestly, cooking gluten free is like an adventure to me. I very much enjoy testing and playing around with different kinds of GF flours. To us, it’s a way of life now.  So, from now on, I will be posting more frequently, exclusively gluten free meals. Even if you don’t eat gluten free, it is nice change to your taste buds to bake with something else than plain flour.

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I wanted to show you so many recipes for Christmas, but I managed to photograph only our three favorites, and boy, they are tasty. Stollen is such a classic at Christmas time. Years ago, when I first tried it, I wasn’t a fan of it. They say taste change as you get older. It must be true, because I cannot imagine the festive season without it anymore.


I think Christmas without gingerbread cookies wouldn’t be the same. The mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove is pure joy. I’m always hoping for snow this time of the year. Just dreaming of baking gingerbread cookies, burning candles and listening to my favorite records. I’m a closeted romantic. The reality is, that my daughter always jumps in to help, which means everything is sticking with honey, and at the end we just argue about the icing. I cannot stand icing. They look pretty, but I just can’t eat it. Too sweet. Isa on the other hand thinks the more icing the better. Luckily, we both agree that Nonnettes, the pretty little French gingerbread cakes, taste the best, when filled with orange jam. It’s a wonderful treat at Christmas time. Care to try?


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and an even happier New Year.

See you around!

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