Chopping, Slicing, Blending and Mixing

I have a very small kitchen. Nice, but very tiny. Not kidding! For the amount of food I am cooking, I would need rather an industrial size kitchen. On top of that, the counter is full with spice jars, cutting boards, fruits, and my stand mixer. When we were renovating the kitchen, I wanted of course a huge vintage ceramic sink. It looks beautiful, but it takes up a good quarter of the space. At the end, for space saving purposes, I got rid of many of my kitchen appliances, and rather bought the attachments to my Cooking Chef.

What is the most beloved kitchen appliance you could not live without? Mine is definitely the food processor. Whoever invented it, deserves a Nobel Price for making my life a bit easier. I don’t think I could live without it at this point in my life.

There are hundreds of ways you can use your machine. It’s chopping, slicing, blending, and mixing, it’s like having a Su Chef at home. It is great to do pasta dough or basic tart crust. All it takes is a whizz, and you didn’t even have sticky floury hands after. It also saves me the time shredding vegetables, and making pesto and even peanut butter for example. If I’m lazy to get the blender out, I even use the food processor to puréeing soup. I prepared now two meals using my food processor: A coleslaw -made with red-, white cabbage and apples- and a very juicy apple Crostata. Both of them are regular at home. Yep, I’m totally obsessed with this multitasker kitchen appliance. Which one is your favorite?

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