Carnival Sweets – From Marzipan Doughnut to Caramel Churros

Finally, the Carnival season has begun. February has never been close to my heart. I find it too wet, grey and dark, but the colors of the Carnival reminds me, that the Spring is near. When I was a kid, we all dressed up in colorful costumes, wore masks, and cheered loudly. My mother used to sew my costumes, she was very good at it. I used to be clown, princess, butterfly, and my favorite from all, the sky. We were always envying each others costumes: you know, the same old things like who has the more sparkle, or nicer dress from all. Such lovely memories. Of course there was always a party table with many different desserts – because there is no celebration without sweets- and we always made sure that there are no leftovers remained.

I still associate the Carnival with sweets, like churros or doughnut with a nice layer of powder sugar on top, that makes your fingers sticky. So I did not need to think long about what to bake for Fat Thursday. According to tradition, Fat Thursday is the last Thursday before Lent –  before the fasting period begins. Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, so why not make the best of it. First I prepared a nice batch of Churros and I didn’t stop there, because with caramel-cream cheese filling everything taste better, and so does Churros too. And OMG, were they good. They turned out to be just as good as I imagined, even better.

I mentioned in an other post, that when we have no special program on Sundays, I usually bake something. Last Sunday, still in the spirit of Carnival, I baked the most amazing, juicy doughnut I could think of. The original recipe comes from my grandmother, I call it Mamas doughnuts. I worked it a little bit, changed a bit of this and a bit of that, added a splash of Disaronno liquor, and filled it up with marzipan cream. No words can describe the amazing almond flavor. I ate almost all of the doughnuts, and now I should also do the fasting…I should,  but I won’t. 🙂

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