Bread And Spread – The Best Lemon Curd

Not long ago I’ve just said that the Nutella is the best sweet dip. Forget it, I show you one better. The lemon curd butter. Who said you cannot start the day with dessert? I personally cannot imagine anything better to start the weekend with, than a crunchy croissant, fresh fruit, two-three cups of espresso, and a big dollop of lemon curd butter.  So my husband said! I usually don’t eat sweets for breakfast, or I don’t eat breakfast at all, but with this zesty, lemony butter I’ve made an exception. It is sunshine in a bottle! It makes everything taste so much better from toast, to bread, and to cakes. I’ve also added a little bit of thyme in the cream, but that you can leave out if you just want the overwhelming lemon taste. And again, Katharina made something incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this little bread before. They were fluffy, soft and already looked like little cakes, so the lemon curd butter was the best choice to pair it with.

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