I spent the majority of my childhood in the countryside in Hungary. While growing up, I was spoiled with all kinds of fresh produce and home-baked treats. Food has always been a big part of my life. My grandmother was an excellent baker, who could -out of scratch-  whip up something extraordinary every time I asked for it. And believe me, I did ask a lot for my favorite treats. Those years in the warm, sweet-smelling kitchen with her, left a huge mark on me, I became a baker at heart.

A lot of years passed by until I started experimenting on my own. The big change in my life came with moving to Switzerland. I found myself in a foreign country, without friends, mostly alone, and baking/cooking gave me a huge comfort. It felt all so familiar, the smell of the freshly baked bread, the warmth of the spicy soup, the fragrance of the apple pie, it all reminded me of my childhood years.

Such a simple thing, like moving to an another country, turned my life upside down. My passion for food turned into my profession, and so did my journey begin as a food writer and food photographer.

Today I work for as a food and lifestyle photographer for magazines and several companies in the food industry. Earlier this year, a big dream of mine came true, my first cookbook the “Backzauber” was published in Switzerland.

Veronika Studer


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